Wednesday, October 14, 2009

More adjusting...

Jesus was a man.

I know, I know- you’re aware of this fact. But think about it for just a minute. Jesus was human.

He was…







So am I.

So what’s the difference between Jesus and me? A lot!

For one thing He never grumbled and complained about the circumstances He was in or the emotion He was feeling.

So what did He do when He was tired, or sad, or frustrated? He withdrew to a quite place to pray.

Imagine that… the Son of God, King of Kings, and Lord of Lords required regular times of prayer and peace in God’s presence.

But Jesus often withdrew to lonely places
and prayed. Luke 5:16




and Prayed

If the Creator and Sustainer of all things needed quiet time in prayer, how much more so do I?

Today…. I will turn off the distractions. I will put aside the to do list. I will be quiet. I will pray. I will enjoy His presence.

Will you join me?

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