Friday, June 19, 2009


It's strange how many of my life experiences are forever forgotten by my not so sharp memory. But there are certain memories that seem to never fade. They are as vivid today as they were the day they happened.

This morning I arrived to work about 5:30 as usual. The sun was just starting to come up. As I left my car and started heading to the door to the office I was aware of the fact that they birds were all up and busy. That's when I heard it. One small distant bird called out "Pretty Girl! Pretty Girl".

All of a sudden I was 7 years old again. Wearing a pink floral print swim suit, sitting at the patio table under an umbrella next to my Noni's pool eating lunch (a cheesy hotdog sandwich). When Noni said to me "Do you hear that, Keri? The birds are singing to you. Listen... they're saying 'pretty girl, pretty girl'."

And sure enough, I strained to listen and heard the clear voice of the Cardinal way up in the magnolia tree singing "pretty girl, pretty girl".

I know to most people the birds just chirp and tweet. But to this (no longer little) girl, they will always sing to me the song my grandmother taught me. Reminding me that in my Noni's eyes, and in God's eyes, I am indeed a "pretty girl".

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